I’m Sebastien – I’m from France – I’m a cheese addict.
I’m currently working as a director, designer & animator for diverse clients & studios.

My passion goes first to animation and storytelling. I love to play around with keyframes and to give life and character to everything. Aside from animation, I also enjoy storyboarding & designing a lot.

I’m always keen to meet new people, so if you want to work together or just want to say hi, I’d love hear from you.





1.  When we first meet

I’ll ask you lots of question to be sure we understand each other on what you want to achieve. We’ll talk about your research and your vision so that we’re heading in the same direction.

2.  Getting the vision right

I’ll take time to find inspiration and references. I’ll create some moodboards to show you different creative directions we could take.
We’ll then work together on the script and adapt it to fit the message.

3.  Making the story visually compelling

Once we have the final script, I’ll start working on my own to create the storyboards. I’ll also make research on characters, and will create some style frames. The aim is to help you imagine the look, feel and story of the video.
We’ll have a conversation to know what resonates with you, and you’ll be able to bring your own ideas and bring feedback.

Scripts and storyboards are the most important steps in the process. This will define the entire video, it’s the message we want to bring to your audience. The production part will only follow what we decided here.

4.  Kicking off production

You’ll receive a design of all the different scenes that will appear in the video. We’ll do a voice-over casting and record it. I’ll send you an animatic that shows a rough idea of what the final product will look like.
We’ll talk about your feedbacks, and we’ll incorporate your ideas while we move on to animation.

5.  Creating life

I’ll animate the entire video at once. You’ll then receive about three round of reviews and feedback. While I’m working on those, we’ll move on to adding music and sound design.

6.  Final product

You’ll receive final versioning, as well as subtitles and cut downs for social medias if you chose to.

Want to talk about your project,
an idea or just want to say hi?